PANDARUS Archery 32inch 8mm Fiberglass Hunting Practice Arrows with Replaceable Arrowhead Spine 500 for Recure and Compound Bow Target (Pack of 12)




Color: 32inch


  • MATERIAL: Fiberglass, high quality arrowhead, special glue of 3M company ,nickel plated stainless steel tips, surface pattern processing.
  • Arrow Length:32-inch; ID:6mm; OD:8mm; GPI:13 grain ; Spine:500
  • Nocks are not fixed by glue,they can be adjusted for your bow.
  • USED: Compound & Recurve bows, for draw weight 30-55 pounds bows, fit for target practice & outdoor shooting.
  • ADVANTAGES : Durability, and adhesion; Safety; High quality; Designed for Children, woman or Beginner; 100% New

Details: Arrows body length:30-inch(76.2cm)/32-inch

Shaft diameter: Outer 0.314inch(8.0mm)/Inner 0.236(6.0mm)

Spine: 500

GPI: 13 grain

Shaft Material: Fiberglass

Feather Material: Composited TPU
Ribs channel the air vortex, making the vane control the arrow more efficiently. Composited TPU has good performance in toughness, durability,and adhesion.
Arrowhead is composed of precision CNC lathe one-time processed into perfect aerodynamic model, and increased with functions of automatic centering of the loose rubber ring, make it not easy to loose and more balanced accurate flight.

Company Introduction:
PANDARUS is a professional archery equipment manufacturer dedicated to creating perfect archery experience for consumers. The m-6030 fibreglass arrow is one of PANDARUS super economical safety practice arrow, which requires 12 strict inspection procedures in the production process. It’s durable, which can be combined with the composite bow, slingshot, traditional bow for hunting or shooting for entertainment.
notice: Pls check the arrows carefully before eachshoot! Do not shot against concrete wall or any hard substance, this may damage the arrows. Archery is a very professional sport, you need choose the suitable arrow according to your bow parameter, Mismatched bows and arrows may damage your bow or even cause danger during usage.
The vanes probably get curved when you get them, you can straighten them by using an air dryer or soaked in hot water.